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South Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Welcome toSouth Chingford Foundation School

A very warm welcome to South Chingford Foundation School. Our school is often referred to as a 'hidden gem'. Surrounded by greenery, tucked away in the heart of Chingford yet well connected by public transport. As you walk through the doors of our school the quality of education of offer quickly becomes apparent.

We are a school that places our students at the centre of all that we do. Committed to delivering the highest calibre education, we offer every learner a challenging, traditional, personalised education; we build our curriculum around the academic interests and strengths of our students; this is a truly unique strategy amongst schools and it inspires success and 'ambition for all'.  

Our expectations are high. Academic progress and personal development are strong because, as a smaller school, we are truly able to celebrate and value every student as an individual. Our wider enrichment programme engages ALL students in character building activities alongside academic study.  We call this 'Our Journey to Excellence'.

Our students, staff, parents and carers are incredibly proud of our school and our Trust, the Chingford Academies Trust. We work hard to support the wellbeing of our students and staff and as a consequence our learning community is built on strong, respectful, friendly and caring relationships.  Our Chingford Academies Trust Charter describes the importance of relationships and forms the guiding principles which we work to, each and every one of us, every day.  

South Chingford Foundation School is a happy place to learn. We invite prospective parents and students alike to visit and experience our uniquely successful school.

Governors, Trustees, Staff and Students

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    What South Chingford means to me

    Roxana, Student Council

    "At South Chingford, we are provided with lots of opportunities to gain invaluable skills and experience, such as working on the Student Leadership Team. As a Student Council representative, I pride myself being approachable, thoughtful and considerate and believe that our positive relationships with staff, emphasis on working together and being united as a community supports our Council in achieving our goals”

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    What South Chingford means to me

    Diamond, Year 7

    "The Peer Mentor system really helped me to settle into life at secondary school and as a result of having a support network, welcoming teachers and an exciting school day, I feel confident and happy at South Chingford Foundation School. I have really enjoyed my first term, getting to grips with the new subjects, clubs and opportunities and look forward to the next few years here”

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    What South Chingford means to me

    Presiyan, Student Council

    "As a member of the Student Council Team, I have a big responsibility in making sure all of my peers’ voices are heard, as we share our ideas to make our school experience the very best it can be. I value my position in the Student Council as it has helped to develop my communication, public speaking and leadership skills, which I believe will be incredibly useful when I progress to reading Computer Science at university"

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    What South Chingford means to me

    Xandriana, Year 7

    "I am really looking forward to the next few years as a South Chingford student. The school celebrates all of our successes which has helped me to settle in to the school community quickly and I have met lots of new friends through the clubs – Saturday club SHINE, drama, singing, rock climbing, trampolining, and so much more!"

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