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South Chingford Foundation School

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South Chingford Foundation School expects a high standard of personal appearance from all of its students. The presentation of self to the highest standard is a key professional skill that employers demand and we expect students to wear their school uniform with pride. Any students arriving at school not wearing uniform may expect to be sent to the Vice Principal and students will be sent home to get changed or complete the school day in the Inclusion Centre.


Grey blazer with school logo.

A white , collared shirt - long or short sleeves.

Ties must be worn at all times, with the logo visible .

Black/Grey Trousers and Skirts with no visible buckles, studs, logos, embroidery, etc.  Trousers must be smart and "suit" style i.e. they must not be tight or overly loose/baggy. Skirts MUST be knee length or longer.

Plain black shoes which must be sensible and safe for school.  Heels must not exceed 3cms.  Footwear must have closed in toes and must not be backless.  There should be no decoration (jewels, buckles, tassels, logos, etc.) and must not have coloured laces.  Trainers are NOT permitted and will be confiscated by the School if worn.

Socks and tights must be plain black - no other colour is permitted.


A v-neck black jumper with the School logo can be worn.  Sweatshirts, cardigans, hooded tops or any other top with embellishments, writing or logos are not permitted.

Religious headwear, if worn, must be  [plain black with not other decoration.

Outdoor Wear

Students are not permitted to wear coats indoors.

Hooded tops are NOT permitted in place of a coat.

Hats and caps must not be worn to school with the exception of a plain, black woollen hat which can but worn during breaks and lunch.

A full  list of what is acceptable to wear to school and  which is not permitted is available in your  child's planner but please contact the School if you have any queries.

School Uniform Supplier

Victoria 2 School Uniforms

246 Hoe Street
E17 3AX

Telephone : 0208 520 2176