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South Chingford Foundation School

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This music course brings together practical music making and music industry study. 

You will work in a band and on solo performances; develop your own songs and record

to a professional standard and learn about the music industry.

Course content

The course content is very broad and you will be studying the music business, technology and production, as well as performing on an instrument or voice.  Units covered include:

  • v Music Industry
  • v Managing a Music Product
  • v Music and Production Analysis
  • v Music Showcase
  • v Researching
  • v Music Performance
  • v Music Recording

Why Choose BTEC Music?

In addition to helping you acquire music making skills, this course:

  • Provides opportunity to gain self-confidence through performing to others.
  • Develops team-working skills through performing with others.
  • Extends creative skills through composing music.
  • Encourages the understanding of the importance of continuous evaluation and refinement in any process.
  • Provides a solid foundation for progression to music related courses, and a career in music professions.
  • Develops experience of business and industry practices.


75% Assessment is through completing coursework assignments and portfolio of recordings, videos and photos.

25% Assessment is through a formal written exam.