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South Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Staff List

Senior Leaders

Jane Benton

CEO and Executive Principal

Sean Reed

Vice Principal

Lee Baker

Senior Assistant Principal

Gbenga Sonuga

Assistant Principal

Vicki Godsave               

Associate Member of LG

James Stephenson              

Associate Member of LG

Natalie White

Associate Member of LG

Teaching Staff

L Bakkioui

Subject Leader for Mathematics

R Tahir

2 i/c Mathematics

Natalie White

Head of Department for English

Oriana Battistella

Subject Leader: ICT/Computer Science/Interactive Media

James Clarke         

Subject Leader: PE

Vicki Godsave                   

Lead Teacher: Psychology

Katie Hinds

Subject Leader: Geography

Severus Icheku


Coralie Isaac                

Learning Manager: EAL, Cohesion and Diversity

Anita Maistry

Subject Leader: RS

Manjit Mann

2 i/c Science 

Alison Moran

Lead Teacher: Science

Ben Mullon

Subject Leader: Music

Fai Parkar

SENCo & Maths

Benjamin Rhoden

2 i/c English

James Stephenson

Lead Teacher:RS

Alison Stirling

Subject Leader: Art

Raja Tahir

2 i/c Mathematics

Cheryl Williams

Subject Leader: MFL

Nathalee Hinds-Campbell

Year 7 Student Progress Leader

Benjamin Rhoden

Year 8 Student Progress Leader

Lauren Richardson

Year 9 Student Progress Leader

Gary Kirby

Year 10 Student Progress Leader

Amanda O`Dell

Year 11 Student Progress Leader

Mahreen Akhtar


Mohamed Ali


Hazel Ashworth


Natasha Banfield


Dina Bianchi


Funda Hassan


Nicholas Innocent                


Brett Jones                            


Katherine Love


Huseyin Mutluay

ICT/Computer Science/Interactive Media

Allan Njunge


Jai Phull


Harpreet Rurai                     

Science NQT

Hasana Tahir


Catherine Wartemberg


Lawrence Ashworth  

Football Development Manager

 Non-Teaching Staff

Jordan Ward

Network Manager

Anthony Rawlinson

Exams and Data Officer

Kim Asher

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Alison Bushell

Science Technician

Marion Cannon

Payroll/Pensions Administrator

Denise Channing

Cover & Admissions Administrator

Amanda Crowley

CEO’s P.A.

Petula Daniels

Education Welfare Officer for the Trust

Neil Day

Cover SUpervisor/Football Coach

Lorna Dixon

CAT Business Manager

Nanjiba Alam

Business/Admin Apprentice

Sam Goodheart

Site Services Officer

Adrian Balham

DT Technician

Brett Jones

Senior Football Coach

Paul Main

Premises Manager

Jayeden McCoy

ICT Technician

Christopher Olubode

ICT Technician

Denise Parker

Library Manager

Penny Povey

Literacy, HLTA

David Rooke

Senior Site Services Officer

Jacqueline Scott

Assistant Resources Officer

Lisa Shakespeare

Safeguarding Keyworker

Paula Smith

Art Technician

Jane Torrance

Learning Mentor

Mike Tribe

Trust ICT Lead

Zarina Ali

Attendance Officer/Student Wefare

Fang Zheng

Senior Science Technician

Other Support Staff

Behaviour Support Team

Angela Perry

Inclusion Teaching Assistants  Loraine Hagan  
Hayley Parker

Aamir Bharmal (Temp)  

Majabeen Rahman (Temp)
EAL Teaching Assistants/HLTAs Malgorzata Podlewska 
AP Unit Janette Powell (Manager)
Claire Maynard  (Temp) 
Florey Lutalabau (Temp)
Midday and Playground Assistants Harriet Davis
Ruth Ford
Paula Smith
Leana Tyler
Charity Ilendruma
Olive Dining Bernadine Collins
Lisa Greaves
Margaret O’Sullivan
Nazif Safer
Lukasz Koceba
Talat Siddiq
May-Rose Elliotte

 Associate/Contract/Agencies Staff

Safer Schools Police Officer Katie Byrnes
Cleaning Supervisor and Charge Hand Moli Seyananthan