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Jack Petchey Award winners 2013

Rushcroft Foundation School Jack Petchey Award Winners

Daniel Howard

Daniel helps years 7 and 8 in form time.  He is doing his Duke of Edinburgh award, represents Rushcroft at Chess and helps at open evenings.  He is regularly commended by staff for his attitude and caring nature. His grant went to the Library and enabled the purchase of Kindles.

Ath'e Zihle

Ath'e is a good role model for his year group, contributing in all lessons and in form time. He is always prepared for learning and regularly helps year 7 and 8's. His grant has been used for Music and Drama with the purchase of audio leads, cables, speakers.

Iyanu Olayinka

Iyanu always helps others and tries hard in all her lessons and is very helpful to her head of year. Classmates say Iyanu is a good role model to everyone. The Library, Maths, Dance and Food Technology have benefited from her grant, which has bought book marks, reward stickers, ballet shoes and books to support coursework.

Prisha Chauhan

Prisha has been involved in mentoring students who have difficulty with transition from primary to secondary school.  Her peers say Prisha is kind and always helps them. Prisha's grant has been bought microphones for Music and microscopes for Science.

Mason Saunders

Mason has helped the PE dept, running a club for students at lunchtime. He regularly attends extra sessions at school to boost his grades.  Mason is always willing to help with problems and is a good friend to others.  He has gained 150 achievement points over the year.  

Because of Mason's grant, Graphics have a new rotatrim cutter, and the History department had a contribution towards a trip to the Holocaust Museum during the summer term in July 2013.

Sharon D'Andrea

Andrea works very hard and contributes positively in all her lessons.  Her peers say Sharon is a happy student to have around school.  Sharon has been involved in modelling the new school uniform and assisting at parents' evening with surveys of parents and students. Her grant has been used to buy microscopes in Science

Arsalan Siddiqui

Arsalan has been chosen for the award by his peers for his kindness and his helpfulness in assisting them with their work. His grant was shared by Music and PE.

Hamid Cheema

Hamid is a quiet achiever who has worked hard during his first year at Rushcroft.  His friends say he is kind and helpful and a good influence to his year group. Hamid's grant has bought PE table tennis bats and balls and ballet shoes.

Danna Gleeson (former student, last year's Year 11)

In her time at Rushcroft, Danna was enthusiastic, hard working and supportive of others.  She took part in plays and presentations, sometimes at very short notice. Danna decided that she would give her grant to Drama to enable them to buy microphone leads and other items of equipment.

Leader award: Ms Podlewska

Ms Podlewska organised the 'Helping Hands' scheme during lunchtimes with students who have English as a second language. She has devised a communication leaflet in parents' home language to ensure they have all the information regarding their child's education. Past students of Helping Hands work alongside her and students. Ms Podlewska encourages students to succeed and to always aim high. She also ensures students' transition to the formal classroom is a happy one.